Bed slats 80x200
Bed slats 80x200
Bed slats 80x200
Bed slats 80x200
Bed slats 80x200
Bed slats 80x200
Bed slats 80x200

Bed slats 80x200

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Hansales Bed Slats - 25 Slats/ Premium - 41 Slats Withstand 300 kg - No Frame Slatted Base - Extra Strong Solid Birch FSC Wood Mattress 

  •         Bed Slats by Hansales as designed as the ideal mattress foundation for COMPATIBLE bedstead, bed frames, bed platforms, and bunk beds, etc. This is not cut-price layer-glued slats, weak pine slats or an inadequate number of slats. Go over the CHECKLIST below BEFORE purchase. The Premium Bed slats by Hansales feature an increased number of slats (41 pcs versus 25 pcs in the standard bed slats modification), while the width is reduced from 45mm to 22mm, the spacing is reduced from 36mm to 22mm. These special features achieve unsurpassed safety of your mattress under extreme loads as well as proper aeration; it seems to float in the air and provide a solid support underneath at the same time.
  •         VERSATILITY. A slatted foundation takes care of virtually any mattress: innerspring, pocket sprung, foam, memory foam, latex, and hybrids. Gives sturdy support, no sagging. Proper aeration, excess heat, and moisture removal, your sleep is always fresh.
  •         RELIABLE and LONG-LASTING. A slatted bed base will not break and keeps stable under extreme loads. 350 KG guaranteed. You may want to change your mattress, not the mattress slatted support. Install and forget. 10 YEARS WARRANTY.
  •         100% ECO. The flat slatted base is made of real, solid hardwood – birch. Webbing is made of cotton. You spend a third of your life in your bedroom, keep it free from non-natural stuff.
  •         TIME and EFFORT SAVER. The bed slat set comes pre assembled. Unroll on top of your bed frame, screw 12 screws (included) into PRE-drilled holes, and you’re all set. Go over the CHECKLIST below BEFORE purchase to check is your bed is compatible OR order customized bed slats. The delivery time is 2-3 weeks.


  1.   Natural stuff. Hypoallergenic. The classic slatted frames (with layer-glued slats) contain glue, plastic, and plywood. Our slatted bed base is 100% sustainable. The strips are made of real solid birchwood. The webbing is made of high-quality cotton. Clear your bedroom of artificial furniture, you will spend a third of your life there.
  2.   Conformity with the standard of the mattress base. We believe that you and your body should feel the mattress, not the slatted floor. A solid sheet is the ideal base for a mattress. The Hansales roll-up slatted frame is as close as possible to the slab in terms of properties while providing ventilation, heat, and moisture exchange. Read more about the properties below.
  3.   Quality / usefulness. At Hansales, we don't sell expensive "orthopaedic" trickslike multi-zone, hardness control, and so on. You only get what your mattress really needs* to do its best - a rigid, stable base.
  4.   Fantastic strength and stability for your bed. A properly installed Hansales bed slats give your bed extra strength and stability thanks to the cross-connections between the slats. You can do anything on your bed without anything breaking!
  5.   Compatible with any bed length. The length of classic slatted frames is coded because of the frame. On the contrary, you can use our slatted frame for any bed length*. Before buying, make sure your bed meets the requirements for the slatted base installation (see below).

* For beds larger than 220 cm, additional slats must be purchased, which are available on request


  1.   The number and width of the bars, and the spacing. The more slats there are, the more evenly the load of the mattress is distributed over the slats. The narrower each individual slat is, the easier it is for your mattress to breathe and to remove excess heat and moisture. It’s much cheaper to produce fewer, but wider wooden slats. We refuse such savings that worsen the properties of the slatted frame.
  2.   The construction materials: First, birchwood (700 kg / m3) which is 40% denser than pine or spruce (500 kg / m3). This means that birch slats are much more difficult to bend. Second, the birch is stronger: 20% (than pine) and 27% (than spruce).
  3.   Strength of the strips, and their load-bearing capacity. We do not skimp on the thickness of the material, which in combination with the manufacturing material (point 2) and the number of slats ensures an even load distribution (see point 1). The mattress can withstand a high load of more than 300 kg without bending.
  4.   Processing quality and safety of your mattress. We attach great importance to the quality of the slat surface treatment and constantly monitor the process to provide your safety.


Inexpensive pine slats and so-called slatted base bend when they are loaded with a mattress and the user.

If you sleep on your back or roll over on your back from your side (which often happens while you sleep), your upper body sinks too deeply on the slats and lies lower than your legs. The position is unnatural.

That is why the bed slats must be as stable as possible so that the mattress can show 100% of its orthopaedic properties.


  • Height of the slats: approx. 18 mm
  • Width of the slats: approx. 45 mm
  • Slats quantity: 25 pieces
  • Distance between the slats: approx. 36 mm
  • Loadable: up to 300 kg


Actual slat width

1395 mm

Slat thickness

22 mm

Slat width

22 mm

Number of slats

41 pcs, with predrilled holes

Spacing between slats

22 mm

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