About us

Dear client, we are happy that you want to know more about us and will gladly share with you the history of company's creation.

Our company has been steadily standing on the timber sawing market since 1996, today we supply FSC certified birch lumber all over the world.

We could have sold our lumber further and would not have thought about the production of ideal beds, if by lucky chance it was not urgently needed by one of our super team members. Usually, everyone starts looking for the best option for any product on the Internet and comparing the available options, but after detailed search, we did not find the very ideal bed. Because the person who needed a bed was neither young nor old, but just at that age when there is already a set of problems for a young fighter - back pain, bad sleep, migraines. The doctor's decision was a good bed. But where is it, the perfect bed? Long nights in search of a good combination of quality and usefulness - the ingenious idea came to try to make our own, unique and perfect bed. After a lot of experiments and attempts, we have found the technology by which the bed remains the most reliable and will last for decades. It turned out to be such a bed slat that supports the back properly, which helps to relieve back pain and find sleep that seems to have already been lost.

After successful experiments on ourselves and loved ones, we began to tell our friends and acquaintances, which led to dozens of personal orders. Nobody expected such success and in the end we decided to try out this direction closely.

What materials do we use?

The birch was chosen for a reason. Birch is considered the most environmentally friendly and durable tree, which has antibacterial and antifungal properties. And one of the main factors for us was that all materials are natural, no toxins from paints, and, of course, longevity. Taking care of our health and the health of our planet is something we never forget. We do not use varnishes and paints - everything is perfectly natural, which also helps us stay affordable. We take care of every lamella - every single one passes through human hands, which makes our products a real work of art. We don't care about quantity, only quality. And this is confirmed by the FSC certificate, which you can see on our website. We grow and develop, but the main thing for us is you and the health of your sleep.

How did we find our way to the perfect bed?

Due to the fact that our entire team has been working in the timber sawing business for long years, we already had certain knowledge about the properties of different types of trees, which helped us make a choice towards the best option for good products.

Having studied in more detail the topic of frames and slats, experimenting with different types of wood, technologies, having read all the studies on the effect of slat stiffness on

“perfect sleep” and back health - we realized that the one that is suitable for us is only the one that we make with our own hands.

Naturally, over time, we had to enlarge the team and add new knowledge to the piggy bank of our company's genius. And our beloved employees from all over the world help us in this.

Therefore, we specialize in sleep quality and create your ideal sleep! At the moment, we are also planning to launch a full cycle of products for beds - mattresses and mattress toppers. And we are expanding the product line in order to make your home more comfortable. The new line will include: an armchair, a bedside table, firewood and cutting boards. Starting with small steps, we will make a complete line from natural materials.