About us

Before introducing you to our team, we want to tell you what we believe in and what we strive for.

Hansales mission: to show people that ECO—friendly products are beautiful. In relation to yourself, home and the Planet.

We are sure that Scandinavian style is the best combination of beauty and functionality.

In accordance with the traditions of the European approach to design, the headquarters of our brand is located in the beautiful city of Tallinn, Estonia.
That's where new collections are born.

We believe that our contribution to the preservation of the environment will become something meaningful for each of you.

Our supply team buys wood only from trusted suppliers with all the necessary certificates of origin. This guarantees the planting of new trees. We consider it important that an amazing natural resource is used to make high-quality durable furniture.

Only the manufacturer is able to provide a high level of product quality, so we develop our production, we do not choose an easy way.

Our team

We are a team of professionals in the production of solid wood furniture. We love making furniture and share our love for exclusive wooden products with you.
Our product is also your merit. Every day we analyze reviews, find unique ideas and moments. We continuously refine and improve our furniture, taking into account every detail. Here you can meet people who make Hansales better every day:

Chief engineer

He creates drawings of beds for us, where all the details are taken into account: starting with strong fasteners, ending with smoothed corners of the legs.


Maris creates an unceasing stream of content. Beautiful postcards in your orders are also her work.

He is engaged in pricing, formation of supplies, regulation of work on market places and other extremely important tasks. We do not agree that there are no irreplaceable people, because (name) is exactly like that.


The ideological mastermind of everything that happens here. He likes to run and organize meetings.


She is the voice of our company. We will describe her work in one situation. Recently, a parcel came to our office, and in it — a jar of peanut paste and a note: “Anu, thank you for your help!”


We would like to thank the entire production team separately. It is they who create a quality product and bring to life all our