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Fire Pit Wood Smokeless - Kiln Dried Kindling - ECO Free Firelighters Inside

  • FIREWOOD made from 100% FSC Birch. Packed in eco-friendly packaging complete with free Natural Firelighters. Waste-free and environmentally friendly fire pit wood WITHOUT GLUE/PAINT/ADDITIVES. Packagedwith a handle for easy carrying. ECO wood kindling is already inside.
  • Kindling wood with high heat dissipation WITHOUT SOOT, SPARKS, OR TAR. The heat dissipation is similar to that of oak and beech. We have selected the best parts of the birch to keep the burn time. Unlike firwood, birchwood is solid, non-porous, provides warmth in an indoorFireplace or an outdoor Fireplace, Log Burners, Chimineas, a beautiful view and comfort for a long time. When grilling, there is no unpleasant odor from firewood.
  • CHAMBER DRYING of the firewood. The firewood is dried in a special chamber and not naturally. As a result, we get perfectly dried wood kindling
  • ETERNAL STORAGE. We guarantee that nothing will happen to your fire pit woodsupply if you store it in a dry place. Don't wait any longer and order the Hansalesfirewood pack now!
  • Polished wooden sticks with rounded corners - there are NO LIMITS TO YOUR CREATIVITY! Our firewood is perfectly processed and polished. It can even be used to make a shelf for shoes or to createa wooden accent wall in the living room. You can build a Leaning Tower. You can give it to children asa toy with no need to worry about splinters.

     A fireplace is not only a decorative element that is widely used in modern types of interior design but also a source of heat generated by burning wood. The choice of fuel for the kindling in the fireplace affects its efficiency, as well as its appearance. Therefore, the decision on which firewood is best for the fireplace determines the service life and appearance of the firebox after several fires.


    All Hansales firewood is produced at our own production site. They go through all stages of preparation from sawing and chamber drying to processing and packaging. During the production process, all the material is processed and polished to a perfect condition.


    - The same size of logs 2.15x4.3x26 cm is suitable for inserting into a fireplace and wood burner;

    - Due to thorough drying, the moisture content of the wood is no more than 12%. And through the use of packaging, it is maintained at that level;

    - The firewood is perfectly processed, which allows you to keep the fireplace area clean, and also decorate your home with wooden sticks.

    - Eco firelighters. Already inside the package.

    - After firewood has burned, large coals remain. Coarse coals are ideal for grilling.

    - The firewood can be stored for eternity without sacrificing its quality.

    Birchwood is a traditional and economical raw material. The birchwood exudes a subtle aroma that has a positive effect on wellbeing