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The type of wood for high-quality furniture
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The type of wood for high-quality furniture

Birch is a very stable and durable hardwood. Its beautiful appearance and the special light color make birch a great type of wood for modern furniture.

Because this wood is so strong and hard-wearing, it is highly suited to a wide variety of woodwork and detailed craftsmanship.

Although birch wood is often a bit more expensive and can sometimes be more demanding to work with, the clear advantage of this wood stands out: It is much denser than other types of wood, which is why it will last significantly longer than, for example, pine furniture. For this reason, birch is often used in high-quality furniture, terraces, beds, floors or buildings that are supposed to last a long time.

The quality of wooden furniture

Now that we have created an overview of the different types of wood used in furniture construction, we should look at the various factors that should always be present in the quality assessment of wooden furniture. Some frequently asked questions regarding wood quality are listed below:

  • What is the best furniture wood?

Birch is one of the best woods when it comes to furniture making. Birchwood furniture, which by the way is getting harder and harder to find, combines timeless beauty with astonishing longevity that neither pine nor any other softwood can match. Softwoods can certainly look very beautiful, but they don't even come close to the longevity of hardwoods - like birch.

  • Why is solid wood furniture so expensive?

Several factors play a role in the price of the piece of furniture that caught your eye. Supply and demand, to name just one aspect. The best solid wood furniture is made from hardwoods, which grow very slowly and thus necessarily reduce the supply and increase costs. It is also quite difficult to produce solid wood furniture pieces in large numbers because every part of a solid wood piece of furniture has to be cut according to specifications, which would certainly be easier to do with softwood-based material.

  • Which wood is more wear-resistant?

Pine is a very rigid wood, but the resistance to wear and tear of this wood cannot be compared with the strength of birch wood. Pine is very easy to score and scratch. If you want your piece of furniture to serve you well for a long time, birch wood is a better choice.

  • Why does it make sense to use birchwood for furniture construction?

It is a superior furniture-grade hardwood. It's durable and beautiful, impervious to dirt, and affordable. Since birchwood is stable, inexpensive, and can be screwed together easily, this type of wood is used for shoring and other structural components, and of course for the visible parts of the furniture.

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