Chopping board (S,M,L,Set)
Chopping board (S,M,L,Set)
Chopping board (S,M,L,Set)
Chopping board (S,M,L,Set)
Chopping board (S,M,L,Set)
Chopping board (S,M,L,Set)
Chopping board (S,M,L,Set)
Chopping board (S,M,L,Set)
Chopping board (S,M,L,Set)
Chopping board (S,M,L,Set)
Chopping board (S,M,L,Set)
Chopping board (S,M,L,Set)
Chopping board (S,M,L,Set)
Chopping board (S,M,L,Set)

Chopping board (S,M,L,Set)

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Hansales Wooden Chopping Board. 4 Variations S/M/L and Set - FSC Approved - Eco-Friendly and Made from Birch Wood - Suitable for Cutting Bread, Vegetables, Fruit, Meat, Fish

Most Versatile Board in Home, Summer cottage, Holiday apartment, Cafes and Restaurants

Cook like a professional at the comfort of your home with this birch cutting boards from Hansales! The thick, solid multifunctional chopping board let you slice, dice, and add spice to your tasty home-cooked meals. Our kitchen chopping board makes meal prep easier, cleaner, more efficient. 

Quality Construction

Unlike inferior plastic or bamboo cutting boards, we use the 100% renewable raw materials birch wood for resistance to damage and unmatched strength and durability. Withstands the unavoidable cuts, nicks, and scrapes.

What Defines Our Cutting Board

  • Ideal size - Get your favourite chopping board size, designed for multi-course meals or all-day use.
  • Knife-Friendly Surface - Smooth wooden chopping board doesn’t dull your knives and cutlery yet feels easy to cut on.
  • Truly Ecofriendly - If you love your family, your health, and the planet, these are the eco-friendly FSC wood chopping board set to get.
  • Reversible - This chopping board has a reversible cutting surfaces. Designed with wedged edges for easy flipping.

User Safety and Hygiene Is Priority

Get a BPA-free and clean food prep surface. This wood cutting board surface won’t retain stains, grow bacteria or odors for long-term use. 

Eco-Friendly Production

As a responsible user and producer, Hansales grow trees in a renewable nursery using energy saving technology. One birch gives us 600 cutting boards and in every sale of 600 chopping boards, we plant 10 tree. Our birch is European from a small family-owned production, we minimize carbon oxide emission in transportation from our production plant to our clients.

Gift Ready

When it comes to classic gift ideas, nothing beats a high-quality beautifully packed birch cutting board set. Heartwarming gift to loved ones.

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